Why I Love What I Do

I have my dream job! What is not to love?

Well, sometimes the “dream” isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Show business – in reality – is a lot of long days that are unpaid with zero recognition and lots of rejection. It’s humbling and terrifying. There’s no job security and there’s always someone prettier, funnier, wealthier, and more successful vying for your meal ticket. Traveling can also be far from glamorous. It’s a lot of wear and tear on the body, packing and unpacking, uncomfortable flights, missing friends and family, missing out on big moments, and, at the end of the day, loneliness.

BUT if you can get through the bad, there is unbelievable good. This job has been 10+ years in the making. It’s the Hail Mary pass I never thought would be caught. No one ever said I could host a travel show, and, here we are, a week away from the start of our second season.

Even with all that build up, Vacation Creation has EXCEEDED every expectation. On a working level, I couldn’t ask for a better co-host, mentor, and confidante than Tommy Davidson (and big shout out to his wife Amanda- #BossLady!). The whole team – from those on the ground shooting and producing to those back at the office putting out every fire – is supportive, kind, fun, and insanely talented! There are, of course, the destinations. I’ve been to beautiful places in the world I never thought I would go to- ummm, Bora Bora? St. Petersburg? Alaska? Norway? WHAT IS MY LIFE!!

But above all that, there are the people. The families and individuals we meet have changed my life forever. It’s easy to get caught up in what we want or what we think we deserve, but it’s impossible to do that on this show. Some of these people have been through so much and have come out the other side kinder, softer, and more giving. It’s truly inspiring. And that’s what shocked me. Vacation Creation is fulfilling on a level I never expected.

Obviously, all this couldn’t be put in a sound bite, but this is why I love my job. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted and a lot of things I never thought I wanted, but absolutely needed.

Please check out the new season when it moves to ABC on Saturday Mornings starting October 7, 2017.



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