Vacation Creation Season 2 Premieres!

Yay!! It’s finally here!

Vacation Creation is back for another season. It’s bigger and better- and on a new network! We’ve moved to ABC, which is a huge move for our show!

This first episode really meant a lot to us. There was an “a-ha” moment that something was very different this season. Our goal with Vacation Creation is to take deserving people on a vacation of a lifetime- it’s a way to speed up karma, if you will. We want to show them a good time, but this season we go a bit further into helping heal the families.

The Bowlick family had been through a near death experience and they were still recovering from it. We took them to an eagle rescue sanctuary in Alaska where we would help release once-injured eagles back into the wild. The parallel between the eagles and the family was not lost. As they released one of the eagles back into the wild, there was not a dry eye in the place- including mine. It circled back around to almost say “thank you” and take in the moment – and then it was gone. There is really something special about being in nature, being with animals, and being in the moment that touches your soul.

We have many moments like that throughout the season. I hope you guys like this first episode in Alaska and continue to stay tuned!

Vacation Creation is syndicated, so use this handy dandy link to find out when it’s airing around you:

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